Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1st Sleep Over

Sunshine had her first sleep over at a friend's house on Saturday! I was prepared to head over during the night when/if I got the call to pick her up, but she did great.

My bebe girl is growing up!

Mom arrives today from VT, so I'll update more later!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So many changes going on here!

Sunshine lost another tooth today---#2. Swallowed during dinner. From what I understand, this is a common occupational hazard for the Tooth Fairy & she will shell out $$ for the tooth.

Hunter starts Terminal Leave from the Army next week. SO surreal! We spent a couple hours in a Retirement Services briefing yesterday to learn about various benefits & the like.

And we adopted a dog on Sunday! I know I shouldn't be allowed in Petsmart on the weekends b/c I feel SO bad for the dogs who look at you, BEGGING to be taken home with you. We had started talking about getting a 2nd dog & looking online at Schnauzer rescues, puppies, etc. Well, it started so innocently. I went to Michael's to get some ribbon for Sunshine's hair (it's finally long enough to pull back & put a ribbon). Next thing I knew, I was walking around Petsmart, looking & petting. When I got to the back of the store, this rescue was starting to unload dogs. One was a black Schnauzer mix. He looked so sweet. When I went to pet him he started wagging his tail & looking at me with those big brown eyes. I texted Hunter to see what he thought & was told "just say NO!" Did I? NO! I called him & asked if he & Sunshine would come down to check out this adorable boy. Next thing I knew, we were picking up a new crate for him, a toy for his crate, a new leash & food/water bowls.

Libby is beside herself. She is very stand-offish to begin with & isn't interested in other dogs. I've been told that she loves me, likes Hunter & tolerates Sunshine. She's warmed up a little bit, but there isn't any playing or grooming going on yet.

I'm still working on my Mara shawl (*coughcough Ravelympics project *coughcough) but yet again, Facebook & Farmville seem to be eating into my knitting time.