Saturday, May 28, 2011

What a magical week!

We're home & will be happy to sleep in our own beds, get hugs from Daddy whenever we want them & play with the dogs.   Sunshine has said she wants to go back to Epcot for her "half birthday" in Oct.  Probably not going to happen, but now I'm wondering if we could work a short trip for her real birthday in April. . .

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Magic Kingdom, Indeed

The best part of my day?  This.  

Sunday, May 22, 2011

So long, farewell. . .

The car is packed & ready to go in the morning!   We'll be dining at Cinderella's Table in the castle on Tuesday! See you later this week!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer Vacation, Day 1

 Today is the first day of Summer vacation.  Sunshine slept until 845 & crawled into bed with me to watch some cartoons & snuggle with the dogs.  Hunter had gone to the mechanic to have my oil changed & tires rotated for our drive on Monday.

After breakfast, we decided to take the dogs for a walk around the lake behind our subdivision.  We can access it through a gate down in the cul-de-sac which is much nicer than going out onto the main road.   Especially when you have a small child & 2 dogs with you.

The walk was very nice, albeit very hot.  Even at 1030 in the morning.  It's going to be a scorcher today--somewhere in the mid-90s.  I think a trip to the pool is in order, as soon as I get some laundry done so I can pack Sunshine's bag.
There are always Canada Geese on the lake & several flew overhead as we were walking.  These two aren't super friendly & got into the water when we got too close.  

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

Friday, May 20, 2011

First and Last

Today was the last day of school.  While I'm excited because well, it's summer vacation!  Sleeping in, going to the pool, no time constraints.  I was also sad as it's hitting me Sunshine's a big kid now.  First grade is over & it's on to 2nd grade. now.  First grade is over & it's on to 2nd grade.   Here she is on the 1st day of school, August 9th, 2010.
And today, on her way to a fun filled day of coloring, playing, a cook out in the courtyard followed by a stellar report card (Way to go, Bugaboo!!!!)  & our first trip to the pool with a classmate & his family.

We're all wiped out from so much sun & such a busy week (month).  This weekend is laundry & packing for Disney.   More on that later. . .have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The day we were crafty

Today was the only day I had "off" from school.  I had a hair appointment & that was it!  I was able to pick up some shrimp tempura roll & spicy tuna roll for lunch (yum) & enjoyed the laziness.

Around 1:45 I realized that today was my  last day picking up Sunshine on the path.  Which meant it was the last day we'd see Miss Linda, the crossing guard. And I hadn't bought anything for her.  Um, yikes!  I had time to run to Barnes & Noble for a gift card, but eh.  What did I have that wouldn't take long?  Then I remembered these dresser trays.
I found the directions in a Good Housekeeping magazine back in March when Sunshine started speech therapy (she's a tongue thruster, still).  Since I had no paper on me, I took a picture of the frame & directions & bought the supplies.  TJ Maxx had some pretty frames on sale that didn't require painting or any other sort of decorating.  Hobby Lobby had some pretty fabric that would work well with the frames as well as the beads for the little feet.  And I already have a glue gun.   We were in business!  
How cute are these little feet?

Miss Linda was so pleased with hers which just made my day.   She's a wonderful lady & has been a cross guard for 35 years. She knows every child by name, knows their mom/dad & being a Columbus native, knows the most amazing stories of the school, city, etc, back in the day.  I love listening to her & am grateful that she's looking out for Sunshine.

Tomorrow is the last day of school--so bittersweet.  Sunshine has had SUCH a wonderful year---she's learned so much, come into her own personality wise amongst the other kids (not putting up w/ drama mamas, learning who her friends are, learning how to treat her friends & how to be treated by them) & just so many positive changes.  I'm excited for 2nd grade!

After summer vacation, of course!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm about to burst!

Today was Awards Day at Sunshine's school.  I knew she was the top girl reader in her class (and in the top 15% of readers in her grade level) so that award was no surprise to me.  She's had awesome grades all year so I knew some sort of honor was coming her way---she was awarded the Principal's List Award as well as Superior Achievement in All Academic Areas.  And the Good Citizenship Award!

Yes, I got a little weepy.  She got a little weepy leaving the ceremony!   I told her how incredibly proud I was at least half a dozen times.  Who am I kidding, it was way more than a dozen!  Way to go, Sunshine!  Daddy & I are SO very proud of you & all your hard work this year!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What day is it?

I know I sound like a broken record & really, everyone has this going on with the end of the school year but holy cow, am I busy.  And tired.  I feel like I've been going non-stop since BOGO Book Fair last month.

And I really have.  BOGO ran for a week and then we launched into Faculty & Staff Appreciation Week.  And last week was AR Celebration Week.  And next week is the last week of school.   On Thursday I didn't go to school except to drop off & pick up Sunshine.  And I refused to.

AR Celebration Week went SO well!  We had Treasure Chest day on Tuesday which is really just a day for the kids to come to the library & get a little treat from the Treasure Chest.  Nothing major, just little trinkets, gum & suckers.  I have to admit, I HATE giving candy to kids.  Trick or Treating being the exception.  I'm the mom who doesn't give candy in birthday party goody bags.  Never have, never will.   I'm not an anti-sugar freak, but I just feel that there are SO many candy-centered holidays & events in our society that really, we don't need to give candy for every achievement.

But man, the gum & suckers went fast.  As did the tattoos.  I'm fine with promoting fake tattoos amongst the elementary set.  Because you can make the mistake of getting that lady bug tat on your left butt cheek when you're 19 & have it lasered off a lot easier than you can replace those teeth you rotted out sucking down pixie sticks for 8 years of grammar school.

I know, the logic makes no sense to me either.  It's sad when I can't rationalize something.

Anyway, AR Celebration Week. . .

Treasure Chest was followed by Hair/ Face Paint Day on Wednesday.  A HUGE hit.  Always.  Just YOOOOGE.  Kids earn points by reading books & taking short tests on them during the school year.  25 points will earn you 1 color of either face or hair paint.  40 points will get you 2 colors.   This time I had a couple parent volunteers so one of them (an artist) did face painting with the aide in the library while another mom helped me for a while outside doing hair paint.  My hands wind up looking like a rainbow of colors within 30 minutes of starting.

After Hair/Face Paint I had to hurry up & get balloons inflated for the Balloon Parade---a new event for us.  Everyone who met their AR goals for all 4 marking periods got to participate.  I have to admit, I did NOT want to lead this parade.  Media Specialist Superior, Kristine, wasn't there as she had a district wide training class scheduled so it meant that yes, I would have to lead this parade.  Down the 5th grade hall, past the office, down the 3rd & 4th grade halls to the Kindergarten area, back up the 3rd & 4th grade halls to the 2nd grade hall & then over to the 1st grade wing.  Have I mentioned I don't want to do this?  We got all the participants into the library, got them as quiet as possible (no major feat here.  Several 5th graders were thisclose to death.  Not by me, but the teachers!), and lined up by grade level so the Kindergarten kids would be up front with me.  Then I remembered Pippa Middleton walking the flower girls into Westminster during the Royal Wedding.  If you have a cute little girl on your hand the cuteness transfers magically to you & wallah!  You're cute too!  I found the cutest little Kindergarten girls, asked her if she'd hold my hand & help me & wallah!  I was cute!

We left the library & discovered the 5th graders who weren't participating were sitting in their hallway waiting for us.  And they were clapping!  For us!  For me & my cute little partner.

Suddenly it was Thanksgiving Day & we were in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade & I was Santa coming in at the end.  You know, when kids everywhere lose their ever lovin' minds because IT'S SANTA CLAUS!!!!

I may or may not have dragged this poor little cute girl through the hallways as we high fived the kids in the hall.  She didn't cry so I'm not really sure.

I had SO much fun.  I don't care if Kristine is out of school for every AR Parade.  I'm leading those suckers from now on.  With or without a cute little Kindergartener!

Thursday was the movie day & my co-chair came to help clean up which was awesome.   Friday I ran errands (including a 15 minute visit to school to drop off bubbles for next week) & had a yummy shrimp tempura sushi lunch.

So next week is the last week of school.  So sad & so crazy busy.  Thursday is the only day I won't be there & that's because I need a day to get my hair & nails done before going to Disney next Monday.

Today we had a PTA party for the volunteers who have helped this school year.   It was really nice to not have to bring anything & just relax & have fun.  Sunshine had a blast swimming & only came out of the pool for lunch & ice cream.  She'll sleep well tonight for sure!

And I will too.  Tomorrow starts a crazy week!  Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Two important ladies in my life---my wonderful mommy who taught me so many life lessons, who loved me unconditionally & who taught me what love it.   And my darling girl who also teaches me so many lessons---that dandelions ARE beautiful flowers, that peanut butter on a spoon is really yummy & that crazy giggles on a daily basis are good for your health.

Hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A mixed bag for Friday

So many things are going on this weekend----Mother's Day.  Military Spouse Appreciation Day,   George Clooney's birthday.  Where to start?!

Faculty & Staff Appreciation Week went well.  I helped on Wednesday with breakfast & yesterday at lunch.  We were able to have it catered by Outback----the oohs & ahhs were too funny!  It was much appreciated and so much nicer than a box lunch.  I also managed to get copies of the AR Celebration Week menu copied & distributed to the teachers.  And I picked up close to 40 cans of hair paint for next week.  Those kids love their hair paint!  Sunshine has earned enough points & is excited to have her hair painted---pictures to come next week!

Today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day.   Military spouses are a unique breed.  They signed their name on the dotted line to serve their government when they signed their marriage license.  They don't wear uniforms yet their duties are great.  At any given time they are left to raise their children, keep their home, maintain a sense of normalcy, support their spouse ----all the while they are worried half to death about their spouse's safety.   To a military spouse, a week apart is nothing. As my good friend &; superior Army Wife Jami says "a  week apart is 'take the trash out when you leave & what do you want to do for dinner on Friday?'"   A 30 day TDY doesn't make a military spouse flinch.  Six months apart?  Been there, done that.  A year's deployment?  Oh, is your year home done already?   They pray for their spouse's safety.  They live for those 2 am phone calls that last 10 minutes & end because of a poor connection.  A card or letter in the mail makes their heart race.  Even many years later when they pull it out of a dresser drawer & reread it.  Over & over again.  They are my  heroes & I am proud to be one of them.

Sunday is Mother's Day---don't forget to call your mother! And thank her.  Thank her for the nights she sat by your bedside when you were sick.  For the times she kissed your boo-boos.  For the times she held you when you were scared, hurt, sad or just because.  Mothers, like military spouses, are a special breed.  Not everyone is able to give so selflessly for years at a time.  Mothers do.  They forgo meals, sleep, new clothes, time to themselves for the good of their children.  When Hunter & I got married, I didn't think there could be more love in my heart than there was.  That changed when Sunshine was born.  The love a mother feels for her child is so incredible.  Even when they're driving you crazy---that love is there.

And so, George Clooney turns 50 today.  *sigh*  Clooney goodness. Has 50 ever looked so good??? I'll leave you with this image as you ponder the question.
I know you're not reading anymore & possibly drooling on your keyboard so I'll just say this---Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day,  Happy Mother's Day (Call your mother!) & Happy Birthday, George!  My offer for dinner still stands!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The final 15

We're down to the final 15 days of this school year.  Fifteen days, people!!!  Insanity!!  Much craziness is going down.  Book Fair was closed today.  PHEW!   We did really well & while I was beating myself up for not beating the old Chair's numbers, I realized that she had one more day of business than I did.  The ever fabulous Kristine took a few moments during breakdown/pack up to have a teaching moment & show me, box-wise, just how much we sold.   This was after she chastised me for not texting her a picture of my new sandals on Saturday.   Isn't she mean?!!!!  (I kid, I kid! If it weren't for the ever-fabulous Kristine being our Media Specialist, I wouldn't be the Chair!)

This week is Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week---I have two days where I'll be at school helping to well, appreciate our teachers & staff.  And a PTA meeting tomorrow night where we'll be voting for the 2011-2012 PTA slate of officers.  I'm being nominated for Treasurer which will increase my workload next school year a good bit.  I'm excited to pitch in & really get involved in planning a great school year for our kids.  I'm also a little nervous as well, it's a good bit more work!  A good good bit!  I realize I could have said no, but as we all remember, I have a hard time saying that when it comes to giving my time.

The following week is AR Celebration Week.  A couple months ago we had a meeting & decided to streamline the activities so the event isn't so drawn out, but is still just as much fun &  as much to choose from.      I need to check our supplies for the hair & face painting this week in case I need grab more.

And then we're in the final week (sniff sniff) of school.  While I'm looking forward to summer, I really am sad to see our crazy wonderful fantastic year come to an end. I'm proud of the work Sunshine has done this year. She's the top girl reader in her class, is a hard worker, has fantastic grades (remind me to tell you about our distict's standards based grading system) & has matured a bit.  Just a little.  She's still silly as can be, but I'm so proud to say she isn't a drama mama at school & doesn't put up with the drama mamas.  At 7, that's pretty great.

And then, three  days after school gets out, we're Disney bound!!!