Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Year In Pictures--2nd Grade

First Day of 2nd Grade---Butterflies in our tummies!
Sunshine & her friend S.
Friends at the Father/Daughter Dance 2/10/12

Field Day 3/30/12  Bring on the Tug o'War!

Drama Kids Production 5/19/12

Sunshine & Her Proud Daddy on Awards Day (Principal's List & Perfect Attendance)

Last Day of 2nd Grade!  

Hello, Summer Vacation!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hello? Is this thing on?

We're in the home stretch---2nd grade is almost a memory.  How did this happen??  AR Celebration Week was rough, I'm not going to lie.  I've spent every day at school this month with the exception of 3.  Maybe 4.  As much as I love volunteering & being part of the school, this schedule is wearing me down.  As was evidenced last Wednesday.  It was Treasure Box day.  And make up testing day, which meant the TB couldn't be in the library as it usually is.

No big deal, I put it on a cart & jokingly referred to myself as a candy striper & off I went, class to class.  Well, not all classes are on the same schedule.  Some have PE, some are at Art or Music.  Some teachers like to go outside after lunch & not come back for 30 min.  Some had kids testing in different parts of the school.  And one  wanted 3 of her kids to get their TB goodies at 2 pm as I was trying to leave, purse on shoulder, PTA checkbook in tote bag in hand.  I was DONE.  I was going home.  But as I'm trying to give up feeling guilty about things I can't control, I found that I couldn't say no to these kids.  And I couldn't make them wait until the next day.  And I can't control that their teacher didn't call the library to find out if I could come down to her class.  And since her kids have emotional issues, they're not allowed to walk down the hall to the library on their own.

And while that's not my fault, I can't say no to these kids.

So, I wound up crying in the PTA closet.  But they don't need to see that.  They need a smiling face.  They need to be treated like the other kids.  So I got my proverbial crap together & brought out the box.  When I got home I lost it.   Completely.  Crying, couldn't talk, collapsed on my bed & took a 2 hour nap.  I was beyond exhausted.  I was so bone achingly tired.

Thank goodness I have Hunter by my side.  He took care of Sunshine & let me be alone in our dark, quiet bedroom to rest.

The rest of the week (Hair/Face Paint Day & Dunk the Principal/movie day) went well.  I was better rested & had fun those days.  Our principal is such a good sport.  Not all principals would agree to be dunked by 100 kids & teachers.  I took advantage of the situation & let the teachers buy chances to dunk Mr. S.   We raised around $85 which was great.  It wasn't a lot, but it's something.

Sunshine's play was so cute.  I've seen some of their rehearsals & I'll admit, I didn't know if they'd get it together in time.   She (and the other kids) did such a good job---I may or may not have teared up a little at the beginning.  This is my baby on the stage, people!!

And so we find ourselves in the last week of school.  Yesterday I was able to avoid going to school & spent the morning shopping for bathing suits.  Our pool is open & I'm in need of suits as mine are a few years old.  With all the time we're there (4-7 days a week), I need several options.  And I'm convinced that men design these things.  And, I'm notoriously cheap when it comes to bathing suits.  Why am I paying $200 for a suit?  A handbag?  Of course.  A coat?  Sure.  A piece of lycra?  Come on now!

Today the outgoing president & I took a student to the school district's clothing bank & that was it.  Okay, we got ice for some coolers for the 5th grade's yearbook signing party & we handed out a couple year books.  That was really it.

Sunshine & I hit the pool after school with some friends & managed to get home in time for dinner.

Tomorrow is her awards ceremony--- I know she's getting at least one as we received a little invite letting us know.  We'll see how she fares--she's worked hard this year & it's nice to be recognized for that.

Then it's Thursday (5th grade graduation--I'm helping set up/decorate & serve refreshments) & then it's the last day of school.

This weekend?  Pool, general laziness & sweet, sweet summer vacation!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Five More Days

Just 5 more days until the craziness is over.  There are 10 days until school gets out but I am determined to enjoy the last week of school with minimal stress.

After BOGO Book Fair ended we turned around and went right into Faculty/Staff Appreciation Week.  I run 5 week long events each school year.  It's hard work but it's nothing like F/S AW.  Our chairperson started planning this 2 months in advance & was still pulling things out at the end.  It was utter insanity all.week.long.  And since I was one of the people who coerced, asked her to handle this event, I felt obliged to help out.  We have 70 teachers/staff people at our school.  On Friday afternoon we had a giveaway that had a gift for everyone as well as 6 grand prizes.  This was after we'd all been at school since 745 that morning for our 1st annual International Day.  I knew that sitting down at 1 while they kids were "visiting" Panama was a mistake.  I knew getting a diet coke to help me make it until 4 when the giveaway was over was a mistake but I was bone tired.

During the week, we served breakfast, snacks, & a catered lunch to those people who make our school run.  From the principal to the janitors & everyone in between.

My laryngitis is gone which is good but I'm still only about 90%.  This coming week is AR Celebration Week & already I'm stressing about things.  There is a helium shortage.  How this is possible, I don't know but there is.  So our balloon parade on Tuesday is being threatened.  I know I could go to a couple different businesses to have them blow up the balloons but then how would I transport 100+ balloons in my car?  We've been discussing buying a small helium tank from the store that I avoid at all costs & that shall remain nameless but Ugh, I really dread going in there!  The little voice inside my head says "but it's for the children".  The sacrifices we make for the kids!

Friday is going to be a fun day as we're starting off with our principal getting into a dunk tank with the kids from the winning chapter getting a chance to dunk him.  I've spoken with the other moms on the Exec. Board about opening it up to the teachers for a price.  $10 for one chance, $15 for 2 & $20 for 3.  All the money would go back to the PTA & be an easy little fundraiser.  I've spoken with some of the teachers & they seem excited by the idea.  Of course they do, it's the end of the year & they're frustrated.

Our Exec. Board for next year is going to be great---my friend K is going to be President.   Again, by coercion.  Really, we twisted her arm but good.  The outgoing VP wanted to be President badly but never showed it by her actions.  We couldn't count on her to be present for anything---including her own events.  By the middle of the year it had gone from frustrating to just a joke.  When she put in less than mediocre effort into our Field Day & Family Fit Night, it fell on other people to run the events.  FFN had less than 50 people turn out which never happens for us.  Our movie nights bring in 200 people so 50 is dismal.  So, we decided that K, who was basically standing in for her, would make a great President.  Our outgoing President will be VP, I'm staying on as Treasurer & we have a new mom as Secretary.  She fits in with us & is a lot of fun.

So, 5 days from now, things will be much more calm for me.

Wait, make that 6---Sunshine's play is on Saturday.  Things will calm down on Saturday afternoon.

Then I can rest!