Friday, January 28, 2011

Remembering Challenger 25 years later

It's hard to believe that 25 years ago this happened.

I was a freshman at UVM & had just sat down in my Education class in the Living/Learning Center. A sophomore named Kiersten who was in my small group came in and told Christina, Allison & I that the space shuttle has exploded. I can still see the room we were in, as well as the stunned expressions on everyone's face.

It was all over the news for days, especially stories about Christa McAuliffe. Her hometown of Concord is only 2 1/2 hours away from Burlington & all of New England claimed her as their own. A friend's college roommate knew her well as she had been in her class at Concord High School.

I teared up today watching the video footage---not just for the 7 lives that were lost, but for those who witnessed it. For the family members. To see your loved ones death on the evening news over & over again has got to be beyond horrible. May they know peace.

Where were you 25 years ago today?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Better breathing through medication

Or medicated for my comfort? A trip to the doctor on post yesterday determined that I didn't have the flu, as my 102 degree temp on Sunday led us to believe, but that I have an icky virus & am still battling my sinus infection. I'm convinced that "you have a virus" is doctorspeak for "I really have no clue what's wrong but there is something wrong with you". At least this doctor asked what I was using & did I need more of my zyrtec & flonase, unlike disgruntled PA from the icky doc in the box. At the risk of jinxing myself, I did wake up feeling SO much better than I have in the past couple weeks.

Today's a chilly rainy day so no morning walk for Smitty. We've been snuggling on the couch & watching our DVR'd shows, looking online for Disney tips, b-day pressies for Sunshine (I start looking early & writing a list), and reading my blogs.

And sending an email to my nephew who turns 14 today. I remember getting a call from my mom letting me know he'd been born on a cold January morning in 1997. I was living on Beacon Hill, the Patriots were playing in the Super Bowl the following day (and would lose to the Packers--ouch!) and life was good. CMG was a teeny baby--5 lbs & something ounces but you'd never know now. When I saw him in July, we were looking eye to eye so I'm sure he's taller than I am by now. Like his older brother and father, is super incredibly smart, is musically inclined (not like his father!) & is such a smarty pants (much like his father). He's the only blue eyed grandchild in our family (we have brown with his brother, blue w/ CMG & hazel with Sunshine) & they have a mischievous twinkle when he's thinking of something devious or witty. He's patient with Sunshine's requests to play with her when we're visiting & is just an all around sweet kid. And I'm glad he's part of our family!

And now it's time to head up to school for a lunch with the Book Fair people. It's just around the corner, just in time for the Father/Daughter Dance next month. Sunshine's already informed Hunter that they're going. I probably should be looking for a new dress for her too!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Still with the ow.

Today is day 10 of the ow & day 8 1/2 (started my meds Sat. pm) of antibiotics. Surely I should feel better by now? Sadly, I don't. I'm still in a fair amount of pain, feel generally icky & am sick of decongestants/sinus rinses/humidifiers/antibiotics. I have an appointment on post this week so hopefully I'm feeling better by then.

Our Disney trip is slowly coming together. We've found a place to stay, found a date for our dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table & obviously, have our dates. I'm torn about when to tell Sunshine. Originally when we were planning on going in Feb, we were going to tell her at Christmas. We realized that Feb. break is very busy at Disney World so we decided to bump it back to May. So, do we tell her on her birthday in April? Part of me wants to hold off (if possible) until the morning we leave. We could wake her up, tell her she needs to get ready as we're going somewhere & then tell her it's Disney. Hmmm I guess I have a few months to decide. At any rate, I know she's going go nuts.

And I can't wait to see it!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ow & Wow

If you go back to Saturday's post you'll see that I was feeling pretty icky. Shortly after writing that entry, I decided to go to a local "doc in the box" rather than the hospital on post. I knew that a sinus infection isn't as serious as a broken bone, motor vehicle accident or sick child. Plus, we had somewhere to be at 6, I hadn't showered & risking a 3-4 hour ER visit just wasn't worth it.

Maybe it should have been. I've been to this particular doc in the box several years ago when Sunshine was a baby. Her friend was treated there for Roseola (his mom decided 3-4 hrs at the ER wasn't worth it either!) & she suggested I get Sunshine in there ASAP as it's highly contagious. My memory tells me it was clean, the staff was friendly & they discovered that Sunshine didn't have Roseola, but a double ear infection.

How things change in 5 years.

The staff really wasn't very friendly. Excuse me? Copay what? The PAs were complaining about the facility's owner & how they disliked working there---which I could hear behind the closed door of my exam room. Which was dismal. I'm not expecting a lavishly decorated room, but something better than where I found myself.

I admit to being "spoiled" by military medicine. No copay, no charge for meds, facilities that are clean. Crazies asking for smokes in the ER. Picking up your meds in the same building.

Sure enough I had a sinus infection & was given a prescription for Augmentin ($3 at the local Walgreens--apparently our insurance saved me $70. Really? ) which has been leaving me feeling worse than before I started it. Sunday was a day of learning as the directions say to "take with food" which I took to mean "take shortly before eating" or even "take on a full stomach". No, sir! It meant "take immediately after taking your first bite, exactly 12 hours after your last dose. Not 11 hours, not 13. Do not pass go. Go directly to antibiotic jail." I was so ill most of Sunday & into Monday that I was starting to question whether Ms. Disgruntled PA had given me too high of a dosage.

And then there was THE game. Oh, the game, the game, the game. I get Bill Belichick's decision to bench Wes Welker for his stupid smack talk & honestly think more coaches (I'm looking at you & your jowels Rex Ryan!) should do so. That kind of bravado really takes away from the game. I get him finally getting that you MUST wear whatever sweatshirt that got you there (suspicious much?!) & applaud his hoodie. What I don't get is why Tom Brady's insecure, panicked doppelganger consistently shows up to play in playoff games! No Super Bowl Party at our house this year. Truth be told, I was on the fence about having one if the Pats made it. Like Belichick, I wear my game clothes (yoga pants, a t & hoodie) & didn't know if I wanted to subject my guests to that. Unless it was a "come as you are" Super Bowl Party. Hmmm, something to consider for next year.

Because as a Red Sox fan, I learned very early that there's always next season.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Game Day!

Our Father who Art in Foxboro, Football be thy game. Let Woodhead run, 3 superbowls won on earth as it is in Gillette. Give us This Day a playoff victory, and forgive our penalties As we defeat those Jets who play against us. But lead us into a victory and deliver us to Texas! For thine is the Tight-Ends, The Welker and the Branch. A-Brady

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I'm feeling so blah that "weekend" is the best title I can muster up. Thursday I woke up & brought Sunshine to school. I walked Smitty and after that I can't remember much until I woke up at 1230. Yes, I napped that long. And this was after going to bed around 10/1030 on Weds. night.

Something's rotten in Denmark if I'm that tired.

Yesterday I realized it was the fact that my sinuses are killing me. Like, it hurts to touch my face & I'm convinced my top teeth are about to fall out killing me. So far I've been able to control it with tylenol & sudafed, but am aware that a trip to the doctor could be in my future. Google "Sinus Infection" & see what comes up. Phlegm pictures! Brain abscess! Gah! I'm not a hypochondriac, but really people---do we NEED to see pictures of your phlegm (one of the best & ickiest words) and do I need to know about brain abscess?? By the way, do yourself a favor & NEVER google Nasal Polyps.

I woke up feeling a little better this morning & managed to have Hunter fix me one of his yummy omelettes along with an english muffin for breakfast. Sunshine & I went to Barnes & Noble for their story time. Beauty & The Beast is coming to the Springer Opera House later in the month so they're promoting it now. Little girls came dressed as Belle & a tea party followed. Okay, a hot chocolate & shortbread cookie party, but really it was a tea party.

Tonight we have a birthday party to attend for a friend of ours---I had totally forgotten until last night. Luckily it's at his restaurant so we just need to show up there for dinner & munchies. His SIL is a good friend of mine (which is how we met him & his wife) so Sunshine will have friends there as the SIL has 2 little girls (2 of Sunshine's besties).

Until then, I'm parking it on the couch & not doing a thing. Other than a load of laundry. And drinking lots of fluids so I don't develop a brain abscess. Because that would be really, really bad.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ice Storm

And no, I don't mean that movie with Sigourney Weaver, Kevin Kline & Frodo Baggins.

Our forecast of snow never came to be as we had sleet from the beginning of the storm last night. There's some snow, but not much---just lots of ice & slush.

It seems such a shame to waste a snow day on this since we can't go outside & enjoy it!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Storm Warning

It's rare that we have snow in SW GA, and it's even more rare that we'd have a Winter Storm Warning. But we do---until 7pm Monday night. It's supposed to start snowing (or freezing rain) at some point today & continue into Monday or Tuesday. People, this is making the natives restless. Sunshine's teacher commented on FB that she was nearly run over in Walmart by 2 different people who were making a mad dash for some Campbell's Chunky Vegetable soup. Auburn University has canceled all National Championship events on campus & has canceled all classes for tomorrow. The Lee County (AL county across the river) School District has canceled school for Monday as well & I'm expecting that our school district will follow suit. I'm off to pick up a few groceries for the week & fully expect the bread aisle to be totally decimated.

My 365 project is coming along---I have several friends playing as well, which makes things fun. I'm torn between taking artsy pics or just daily life pics. One friend has been posting the most gorgeous architectural pics on our FB group. While I appreciate her pics (absolutely beautiful old buildings), I keep thinking the point of this project is to document a year of your life. The fun, the boring, the new & the old.

Of course, I could start driving around looking for more "interesting" subjects, but I think I'm going to stick to our daily grind pictures.
Maybe today I'll get some dramatic pics from grocery shopping!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 normal

We've been slowly un-decorating the house this week. The ornaments were taken off the tree & put in their respective boxes. Sunshine had a great time grabbing a box & finding the ornament to help put things away. The mantel is back to normal, the tree is down. Decorations taken out of the guest room & kitchen (the light up ceramic tree my Memere made for me in 1982). We're back to using our regular daily dishes as the Spode Christmas Tree dishes have been washed & put away. I am still on a quest for small bowls, by the way! The cereal bowls are really quite small & I discovered that the clear glass salad bowls (with the tree pattern on the outside) would be great for us. I'll have to scout Ebay this summer when people aren't looking to set a table. The only decoration that's still up is our snowflake window. Our inspiration window, created many years ago by Hunter's aunt, stays up thru the end of January-ish so why shouldn't ours?

Sunshine went back to school today---I think we were all ready. Two and a half weeks is a really nice break, but almost too long. We had a nice "last day of vacation" lunch yesterday at Fuji. Their lunch deals are great (2 rolls of sushi as well as soup or salad for $8.99), their sushi (and food in general) is really good & it's a favorite place of ours. Sunshine had her usual fried rice & onion soup, but with no mushrooms, please! Hunter had the hibachi steak & generously shared his mushrooms with me.

We're leaving her tree up for a few more days. We're having 2 couples over Saturday afternoon/evening & they have 2 little girls (one is 18 months, the other is 13 mos), so I'd like to have Sunshine's room in tip top shape w/ anything breakable put away. She's looking forward to "babysitting"!

Now the task of getting everything back up into the attic faces us. I'm hesitant to climb up the ladder ever since I fell off it last fall getting my Memere's ceramic tree down from the attic (and chipped a branch in the process). Maybe I'll let Hunter have a rest & then get him to help me.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The year of selfish & 2 other resolutions

A couple weeks ago I was at Starbucks with Kristine enjoying coffee & knitting. She told me that 2011 would be her year of selfish knitting. Yes, she'd still make gifts for people, but the majority of her projects would be for her.

Knitting for one's self? What's that you say??

I'm a total gift knitter. It's rare lately that I make something for myself. My beloved Koigu KPPPM scarves? All gifts.

This year, I'm going to copy Kristine & become a selfish knitter. After I finish the scarves for Sunshine's teacher & para pro!

A week or so ago, my friend Jami mentioned on Facebook that she was considering doing a 365 project. I've been interested in doing one ever since my friend Holly did a 365 photo project. There were days where she was too tired to take a picture, worried whether it was project-worthy or just plain didn't want to do it.

I'm going to attempt to do this & debated where to share it. Here? Facebook? Flickr? Fotki? Where? Not everyone who reads my blog has access to my FB page. If you're not my friend, you don't have access to my page. But, the idea of a blog post a day, even if it's just a picture, seems like a lot. I don't know if even my followers want to read that much. Do you?

My other resolution is to eliminate the drama mamas from my life. You know who they are---the ones who aren't happy unless there is some sort of chaos going on around them. The ones who continually stir the pot. They bug me. They make me get stabby & nutty & really that's not fair to me or to my family. I'm able to hide the stabby & nutty from Sunshine, but Hunter bears the brunt of it. Things like "Why do you let her get to you?" & "She insane, you know this." get said. I'll sigh & silently fume about the crazy.

So this year, the crazy's going bye-bye.

In other news, the ILS are visiting us for New Year's. They arrived on Thursday and a whirlwind of activity followed: a girl's lunch for MIL, Sunshine & I followed by The Polar Express at The Infantry Museum on post. (It's a tradition we started last year--just the girls go to the movie). This year we spent a little time looking at the Family Support Gallery (where we saw a beautiful picture of Julia Compton Moore who was the Grandmama to my friend Alida as well as the most inspirational Army wife, ever. Military families today still benefit from her hard work. We also spent a little time in the exhibit dedicated to the war on terrorism, including OIF & Afghanistan.

A semi quick trip to the commissary followed & I feel the need to apologize to MIL as grocery shopping with me is a sprint. I don't want to be in there longer than necessary & I shop with blinders on. I'm sure it's akin to being with a drill sergeant. GO GO GO! NO, NO Ice cream cake---we don't need it--GO GO GO!!!

Hunter & I fixed dinner, wine was consumed & we had Christmas 2.0. Have I mentioned what a good girl I've been this year? I have. Outrageously so!

Yesterday MIL & I had a girl's afternoon---shopping, lunch, more shopping. We fixed a late dinner which is our (Hunter's & mine) tradition for New Year's Eve---late supper (10 pm or so) followed by champagne. I held the ILS hostage and forced them to wait until the ball dropped. Then I opened the door to usher our 2010---something I started on New Year's Eve in '05 after a horrible year where Hunter was deployed for the entire year.

Today we're planning a trip to Callaway (FIL is on a quest for their muscadine sauce), but the rain is making things difficult. Worst case scenario, we'll hit the Butterfly Center & the Country Store for the sauce & lunch.

Hopefully I get my daily pic there!

And, I hope 2011 is filled with health, happiness & prosperity for you & yours!