Friday, September 25, 2009

So. Very. Tired.

Moving Day #1 was today, as well as closing day! While I'm recognizing that I have a skill for removing wallpaper, I've also realized how incredibly exhausted I am. Our painter is great & did a super job on our room & Sunshine's. His hired guy quit on him so he was alone. He'll be back in the morning & Sunday if necessary. Nice man, originally from CT (gotta love New Englanders!) & gave us a great price.

I spent most of my day in the kitchen unpacking & setting things up. I love our kitchen---the cabinet space sold me when we looked at the house. In addition to the standard above the counter cabinets, we have 2 cabinets that are floor to ceiling. Pics will come once the painting is done in there!

Tomorrow we rent a Uhaul to move smaller furniture items & boxes. I want to get Sunshine's room set up ASAP so the move is easy for her. I have to admit, I'm afraid of Hunter's Army stuff in the closet. Very afraid. Sunday we'll move whatever else is left & then Monday the movers come for the heavier stuff.

We'll be without internet for a few days so I'll see you sometime next week!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Knitting to follow, I hope

We're in full house mode now. Honestly, I don't even know that I've thought about knitting in days. No, that's not true, I've looked at friends projects on Ravelry. I've looked at my stash & needles & am thinking they'll go over to the new house soon (we close TOMORROW!!!!). I'm debating purging some of my stash & library of books/magazines whenever I make it back to Knitting Group. But all thoughts go back to the house.

The painter comes tomorrow. After painting Sunshine's closet ourselves (Hunter started & I finished), we realized that while there are certain home renovation things we enjoy doing, painting isn't really one of them. I'm fine w/ painting the interior of a wall--you know, after someone's taped everything & painted the perimeter for me. So anyway, we hired a painter. He's doing Sunshine's room (from blue to pink --Behr Delicate Bloom), the hall between her room & the guest room, the guest room, living room (Behr Wilmington Tan) & our bedroom (Behr Witch Hazel). The wallpaper in the kitchen will be peeled off after we've unpacked & settled in a bit & then we'll paint (Valspar Fog of London all over & then Val. Grecian Urn below the chair rail in the eat in part).

The movers come on Monday to do the heavy pieces. After packing all these boxes, transporting them ourselves to the new house & unpacking, I've decided that we deserve a break. The next day the cleaners come to the apt & the day after that we have our walk through.

Speaking of the walk through, what a pain in the neck!! I'm fine with the fact that it needs to be cleaned, nail holes in the walls need to be filled in. We already know about the mini-blinds. But I draw the line at cleaning the carpet that they are going to rip up for the next tenant. In their perfect world (which isn't the same as my perfect world), they have you pay THEIR suggested carpet cleaner $65 to steam clean your carpet. Then they rip it up as per GA law for new tenants. So, why exactly are we shelling out money for something that's going to be trashed? When I asked the woman in the maintenance office she didn't have an answer & asked if she could "get back to" me. Hunter's been here for 10 years (unheard of in the Army). There have been 3 dogs here, 2 of which were puppies when they came to live here, there's been a baby who grew into a small child. Miles were walked on this carpet. So when she asked if it looked worn I had to laugh. What 10 yr old carpet doesn't?? We know they're not using premium quality here. I'd be shocked if they did. We've kept up with cleaning it as we have a carpet steamer but still. 10 yrs old.

So the decision they came to was that while we didn't have to pay to have it cleaned, we would be charged a $65 replacement fee IF the floor below shows signs of pet damage. They don't let you in here when they're pulling up the carpet so we're to take them at their word. Pardon me for being cynical, but I'm willing to bet that we're going to get a bill for $65 sometime in the next month.

While packing & moving have been exhausting, they've also been very liberating. I've been able to purge stuff that we don't use, haven't used & will never use again. Hunter & I enjoy movies & when we got married, discovered how many VHS tapes we had (it was when DVD's were becoming more affordable). We relegated them to the guest room (now Sunshine's room) storage under the vanity next to the sink. I'll be honest, I've put off cleaning up under there because I was afraid. Very afraid. Last night I conquered my fear & went where VHS tapes go to die. 30 minutes later I was done. There were 8 (4 but double bagged) ForceFlex bags filled to capacity with VHS tapes. 3 of the bags held commercially produced tapes, 1 was trash. They're going to a woman on the Columbus Freecycle board along with one of our VCRs. We're keeping the other one as our old video camera did super 8 tapes & well, there are some videos of Sunshine that I have to keep!

So, after I meet VCR/VHS girl, I am off to Home Depot for paint & then to the liquor store for more boxes. Today's packing tasks are our toiletries & hopefully a little cleaning of our closet.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The one with the mini blinds.

Without getting all political, let me just say that I stopped shopping at Walmart a while back. Anything I needed I could get at the commissary (grocery-wise), Target or elsewhere.

Until yesterday.

We're trying to replace the mini blinds that have met w/ Sunshine or Libby. Our complex charges you $25. per mini blind that they have to replace. For the vinyl el-cheapo ones. Twenty-five dollars. I'm sorry, but that's a skein of Tilli Thomas!

We needed to replace 3 blinds, which isn't horrible considering we have about 10 windows in here. So I measure the blinds that are in there now. I measure twice. Hunter joins me in the measuring activity. I write down the measurements (36 x 64) & head to Target the next morning.

Target disappoints me by being out of the size I need. What to do? I caved & went to Walmart. We're leaving this place, why do I want to put lots of money into replacing things when I have a house that is crying for me to paint 3 bedrooms, a living room & to replace the wallpaper. I'd much rather invest my money into something that is *mine*.

I find the size we need at Walmart & head home. Only the size I need isn't the right size. The blinds are too wide. I know you're asking how. Believe me, I was too. We measured once, twice, THRICE! We're not idiots. We can read. The tape measure said 36 inches. Nope, too wide. So, off to Walmart to exchange the offending items. We have 4 Walmart stores w/in 10 miles of our house. (Can you say "oversaturated market"??). I go to the closest one only to discover that too bad, so sad--they don't have the size I need.

Fine, be that way. I stop at store #3 & pick up the blinds. Get home (after picking up Sunshine at school) & take the blinds out of the box only to discover---say it with me---they don't fit--they're too SHORT!

I think those of you who know me know that I really can read, I can function in society, can read a map, and I sure as heck can read a tape measure. And, if for some bizarre reason, I couldn't then certainly Hunter could.

I admit, I cursed at this point. No one heard me. Okay, maybe the dog. The thing I love about her is that she keeps all my secrets.

So today I went to Walmart for trip #4, returned the now-cursed blinds. I venture to the blind aisle (because I can tell you where they are in 3 different Walmarts in the greater Columbus area!) only to discover. . .

they have a 34" x 72" mini blind in white but they are 10 dollars. Now, I'm by no means cheap. Please, my stash speaks for itself.

But when the 36" x 64" blinds are $4, surely the 34" x 72" shouldn't be more than twice that price.

But they are.

I text Hunter. Apparently my texts are special because he knew I was hysterical at this point. Bless his heart, he suggests going to Home Depot (our new home away from home). Fine, I say, as I can also get paint samples.

Home Depot doesn't disappoint me (except for the self-check out machine, but that's another blog entry) & I head home with 3 34"x 72" mini blinds in white. The bedroom blind slides right in & looks all spiffy. The two for the living room & foyer are impossible to open so they go to the "honey do" list for Hunter.

Tonight after dinner he starts replacing them as I'm folding laundry. The living room opens for him (whatever) & is replaced. He gets the foyer window one open only to find out that . . . wait for it. . . the foyer window ISN'T 34" wide. It's 31"

Tomorrow morning after I drop Sunshine off at school I'm going back to Home Depot. Sunshine doesn't like the paint color for her room so I need another paint sample. And the blessed mini blind.

The best thing about the new house? The only mini-blinds are in the guest bedroom & kitchen. And I may get rid of them purely as a matter of principle!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sushi on Thursday

Is there anything better for lunch than spicy tuna roll? Our commissary has a sushi chef who makes really good sushi---whenever I'm on post I try to swing by to grab some for lunch. There's something decadent about eating sushi on my couch while watching America's Next Top Model.

The house is coming along nicely & there is talk about letting us close early!!! Like w/in the next 12 days! The timing would work better for us as we could get in a couple days earlier than expected to paint. I am so excited to decorate---especially Sunshine's room! I'm just hoping that her pink room looks little girl chic instead of pepto-bismol scary.

We've got 2 birthday parties this week--one Friday night & one Saturday noon, both at the same place. Too bad we can't sleep there on Friday!

Baby sweater is coming along nicely---I need to do the sleeves, the ribbing & then seam it together. I'm loving the yarn & cannot wait until it's done. The shower is the 20th of this month so I need to get it done this weekend.

Today Sunshine & I are going to swim after school---it's still warm enough & we're planning on taking advantage of the good weather (and the pool) while we can!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Son of Dish Rag Tag or GO DIVAS!

I had so much fun last year doing Dish Rag Tag that I signed up to participate again this year. I'm part of Team 8: the Dishrag Divas! After a snafu caused by our new mailman (I am SO convinced he's been paid off by another team!), I finally got the box from Suzanne yesterday & started knitting. Easy pattern to memorize & worked up quickly. The cloth is done, the box is packed & tomorrow after I drop Sunshine off at school, I will pay a visit to the PO near her school to send the box off to Lynda in PA.

I've had a great birthday weekend---dinner w/ Hunter & Sunshine on Friday night, dinner w/ the girls on Saturday night & some time at the new house. Yesterday I went thru 7 Mr. Clean Magic erasers cleaning baseboards, the vanity in Sunshine's bathroom as well as ours (including the interior of the drawers), the wall in the hallway & living room and the plantation shutters in Sunshine's room. Hunter spent most of the afternoon sanding & staining the front door. It's a gorgeous door & the finish has been worn by the sun (the front of the house gets the strong GA afternoon sun). Our contractor complimented him on his mad handyman skillz & told him that he knew a guy who did the same job (refinishing the door) for a woman & charged her $700 for a job that wasn't nearly as good as Hunter's.

We're talking about pulling out the carpet in the LR & DR and replacing them with hardwood. Manuel (contractor) told Hunter that he would be wise to do the job himself as it's really easy nowadays (Hunter did construction for a couple summers during college & has put down hardwood floors) & if we paid someone he'd be kicking himself as he could handle the job himself. It's nice having a hubby who is handy & can tackle jobs like this!

Let's just hope he doesn't expect me to mow the lawn!!!