Thursday, October 15, 2015

This Middle School Thing Is Cray Cray

So, Sunshine has been in middle school for 2 months now.  She's adjusted to the whole middle school thing really well---the changing classes she did for the last 2 years but having 6 different teachers in 2 different hallways with 4 minutes to get to a locker that may or may not open?  Mastered it.  She's made new friends and is still surrounded by some great friends and good kids (read: smart kids who don't start or get into trouble and who are overall sweet kids) from elementary school.  She's carrying two AP classes and over all has a 96 average in her classes.

And she's taking  ballet technique classes three times a week as well as one Pilates/Stretch class.  Oh, and Nutcracker rehearsals are in full swing.

So, yeah, we're proud of her.

Her Broadcast and Graphic Communications class is hosting a "Haunted Hallway" during the Halloween dance in a couple weeks and she and BFF are planning on dressing alike as haunted dolls--sort of like those twins from The Shining.

Things got crazy today though.  On the way home from school she told me that a boy in her Social Studies class asked her to the dance.  I'll not share his name but his nickname is "Rocky".  She said he's cute, smart, and is nice.




Yes, I realize kids do go to these things as friends but he's never been mentioned to us as a new friend, and he's not one of her old friends.



Just let that sink in because truthfully, I'm still in shock.

She turned him down and said she think she blushed when asked.  In true tween style, his friend (who was in her 3rd grade class) came over while she was sitting with her friends and did the asking.  We're all familiar with this MO.  It's how we skated "couples" at the roller rink when I was in 7th/8th grade.  You find your victim, boy of choice and tell your friend to go ask if they want to skate with you.  There's much gesturing and posing as your friend and said victim, boy point at you while you make sure you're posing in such a way that makes you irresistible but still faking like you don't know what's going on.  "That girl in the blue?"  "Yeah, the brunette in the blue".  "Yeah, I'll skate with her!"   You find out he goes to such and such school, skate to Bette Midler's "The Rose" or maybe "Babe" by Styx, thank one another for the skate, and most likely he'll come back during the next couples skate.  Or he might skate with you a while longer and hold your hand.

Back to Sunshine.

Rocky's friend (no, not Apollo Creed.  And not Paulie) approaches her.  Says Rocky wants to go to the dance with her.  She's shocked and for the first time in her life is speechless.  Her friends are squealing "SAY YES!!!!"  "SAY YOU'RE GOING WITH US!!!!"  "SAY NO!"  She said she finally told the friend that she was working the Haunted Hallway for Broadcasting but that she's not allowed to go out with boys.

And  she thinks she blushed.  Of course she did because she is her mother's daughter.

I sort of feel bad for ol' Rock.  Not because he's punching racks of beef in a slaughter house, but because he did get shot down.  Poor kid was probably talking to his dad or friends about how he'd like to go with her but wasn't brave enough to ask her himself. And maybe when he got home from school today they asked if she said yes.  And he has to say no.

So, as I'm nursing a glass of Fat Bastard Sauvignon Blanc, I'll raise my glass to Rocky.  Like his namesake he'll bounce back.  Adrienne will be waiting for him.  But she won't be my Sunshine!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

POOF! They Were Gone

Santa, The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny, & our Elf On The Shelf. . . .gone.  The jig is up.

Yesterday we started our day with ballet at 9 am as we do every Saturday.  Sunshine had a great class and the Conservatory Director sought me out after class to let me know how much Sunshine has improved since last Spring when we made the decision to keep her in Level 3 rather than move her up.  Sunshine may or may not have blushed when she heard the compliment.

We came home and cleaned up as she didn't have Nutcracker rehearsal this week and headed to the Cotton Pickin' Fair which is one of our favorite Fall traditions.  Hunter doesn't enjoy it as much as we do so it was a girls thing.

We came home and watched some SEC football.  Sadly, Georgia lost to Alabama and Auburn won.  We actually like Auburn but have a friend who is such a rabid fan that we root against them to just irritate him.

After a couple hours of college ball, Sunshine had enough and asked to watch Doctor Who on Netflix.  As she watched the Season 8 Christmas episode she began asking about Santa and was he real.   Did Hunter & I buy presents and put them under the tree, unwrapped, and say they were from Santa.   I tried to deflect her questions by asking her "what do you think?".  Things escalated and she started saying "Tell me the truth.  Don't lie to me!".

I took a deep breath and decided that I wouldn't lie to her.  She's a 6th grader and there are a lot of kids in middle school who don't believe anymore and who would love nothing more to burst another kid's Santa bubble.  My big fear was that she would be embarrassed or made fun of.

So, I mustered up all the strength I could, looked her in the eye, and told her that no, there was no real person who magically hit up every chimney worldwide but it was us.  I told her that the spirit of Santa lives in all of our hearts and as parents there is no better feeling than watching the face of your child on Christmas morning when they saw what Santa had brought.

Tears were shed on both sides of the couch. I found myself questioning my choice over and over.  She was still a little sad when she went to bed.  It's a hard thing to swallow.

So, farewell Tooth Fairy and our pretty little tooth box.  I hope Sunshine has a little girl who will use it and enjoy its magic as she did.  Farewell Easter Bunny.  I think we will continue doing egg hunts as long as we are able, even if you didn't place the eggs.  And our Elf on the Shelf, Go-Go.  I think I will miss you and your cleverly written notes about the importance of listening to mom and dad, of how excited you are to travel by car to Virginia and Vermont for the holidays, now you wished Sunshine luck on various things, and how she would look for you in The Polar Express movie.

It's a new era in our house & our sweet tween girl is growing up.  While I look forward to it, a part of me is a little sad.