Monday, May 19, 2014


Color us super proud of Sunshine!  Her 4th grade awards ceremony was today and she racked up!  She received Principal's List (highest academic honors plus good conduct), STEM Club (science, technology, engineering & math), Broadcasting Club (the school's morning announcements which are student run.  They write them, direct, run camera, produce & announce.  Sunshine has LOVED this!), Music Award (she really wanted this one for some reason!) & was the top AR point earner for 4th grade (#1 out of 100).  AR is a reading program where the kids read a book and then take a test online for the book.  They receive a certain number of points based on the reading level of the book.  There is also a word count for the book.  Sunshine read over 1.5 million words this school year.  The look on her face when our Super Bookatarian called out her name was priceless!  
This folder is really heavy!

Sunshine & our Super Bookatarian.  I don't know who was more proud of Sunshine---me or Kristine!
These girls?  The sweetest.  Three of them (Sunshine & the 2 in blue) have been together since 1st & 2nd grade.  They are all such great girls---smart as can be, kind hearted, fun, funny, responsible, considerate---the kind of kids you look at & think "wow!"  

And that one in the jean jacket?  She is ours!  

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Happy Mother's Day, blogworld!  Whether you're a biological mom, adoptive mom, step mom, or  mom to 4 legged creatures, I hope you have a wonderful day.
These 2?  They've taught me more about motherhood than I could ever imagine and are loved more than they will probably ever know.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Week That Was

You know how sometimes you have one of those days that leaves you throwing your hands up in the air and declaring that you want a "do over"?  For me, it's been one of those weeks.

It technically started the day after the PTO meeting.  I came home Book Fair and felt the need to have a rest.  It's not uncommon after a busy day.  The rest of our weekend was pretty uneventful and we launched into last week.

Monday started out like any day that I'd be spending at school.  Sunshine and I headed out to school.  She was back on the announcements after a week of being the camera girl, I picked up the teacher sign up sheet from the lounge, joked with some of the 4th grade teachers about how it must be book fair as I wasn't feeling well.

I went downhill pretty fast and by 10:00 was calling for reinforcements.  My new co-chair, Amanda, gladly came in, gave me some recommendations for a tea that was sure to help me and then sent me packing.   I ran by Winn Dixie to pick up some tea and a couple other things and headed home.  If I willingly went to Winn Dixie, you know I'm not feeling well.  Remember the Prosciutto Incident of '07??  Right.

I got home and immediately got in bed.  I spent the rest of the day there with my fever going up and up.  And coughing and coughing.

Monday night/Tuesday morning we were under the threat of the bad storms that hit the Mid-west the day prior.  So, at 5 am on Tuesday, our tornado warning siren went off.  Sunshine and I moved into the hallway (the only part of our house that is truly interior) and huddled with the dogs while Hunter puttered around the house driving me crazy with worry.

While no tornadoes hit our area, they did hit about 20 miles away from us.  Scary, scary stuff.  We lost part of our 30 foot Bradford pear tree in our back yard.  The funny thing was that we didn't hear it fall during the storm.  Luckily, it wasn't a lightning strike as I first thought---there was a section of it that had rotted.  Hopefully we don't lose the rest of the tree.  One of our friends came over to help Hunter get it off our fence and the top part out of our neighbor's yard.

Sunshine went to school so Hunter dragged me and my 102 degree fever having self to the ER on post.  A flu swab, chest x-ray and much listening of the lungs later it was decided that I had pneumonia and I was sent away with a z-pack, afrin and robitussin with codeine.  Purple drank/sizzurp jokes aside, I felt horrible.  Again, I got back into bed and didn't come out until dinner.  At least I think I got up for dinner.  Yes, I'm pretty sure I did.

I felt slightly better on Wednesday when my fever broke and was able to spend most of the day on the couch rather than in bed.  Same with Thursday. Friday, I finally left the house.  If you know me well, you know that I just don't do housebound well.  At all.

I'm still coughing a bit and am still incredibly tired but am feeling better.  It's hard for me to be so go-go-go-go all the time and to find myself being so limited.

So, that is why last week was so rough.   I'm lucky that my super sweet hubby has been so wonderful about helping me--getting up with Sunshine, getting her lunch ready, getting her to and from school, handling meals, etc.

The little ray of sunshine in my week?  My Sunshine in her Drama Kids Spring Performance.
Their play was called Storyland Idol and she played the part of Paula Paparazzi who was one of the judges.  We are SO proud of her performance.  She loved dancing on the chair.

And our PTO kids!  The boys were in the Upper Primary class (3-5th) with Sunshine and the little girl was in the k-2nd play.  They've all been friends since Kindergarten/1st grade and are just all around great kids.  They put in long hours at school with us and never complain.  The one in the pink?  She has my & Hunter's hearts.