Sunday, July 21, 2013


A friend of mine posted the following as her status on FB.  Her son is 7 & daughter is 4.  Or 3.  I can't remember.

Take kids out for lunch after church...
*no snuggling is not for restaurants. It's for home.
*sit down we don't stand in booths.
*take smaller bites (food shouldn't be hanging out of your mouth.)
*get back in your seat
*do we play with knives? No.

Why do we go out to eat?

She's a really good mom---active with her children at school, fun to be around & I'm sad that she'll be leaving us mid-year when they PCS (military move) to Texas.   Now, I haven't been out with her & her children but I've been in the same restaurant with them when they've been out.  Her son's a nice little boy & her daughter is darling.  I haven't seen them act up but like most kids I'm sure they have. 

My reply to her was this:

So they will know how to behave when they are older.   Hunter deployed so often when Sunshine was a baby/toddler that I had no choice but to bring her with me whenever I went out.  The upshot is she knows how to act in a restaurant, how to order her meal, how to treat the staff, etc.  Now, we don't always have perfect manners, but she's getting there!

I can remember various times we've gone out to eat that weren't entirely pleasant due to a tired Sunshine.  They weren't fun, but we got over it.  And we kept going out to eat.  

Why do people feel that educating their children is limited to reading, writing & arithmetic?  What happened to teaching our children HOW to interact with other people ---people that aren't their peers?  When Sunshine started spending money she had earned or received, we taught her to actually HAND the money to the cashier, not to put it on the counter or to throw it at them.   If it's an item she wants to play with in the car, she'll politely say "I don't need a bag, thank you"  or more often "the *insert item name here*  not in a bag, please"  

So, why do we go out to eat? One of my friend's friends said "so we don't have to cook!" & while I agree with her, I also think it's so our children can learn how to BE when they're out and about.

And so mommy can have a drink with dinner!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Can't Even Come Up With a Title For This One

So, this past week I received an email from saying that this weekend, I can "Find Your (okay, my) American Story FREE"

Many years ago, my aunt & 2nd cousin once removed (or some such distant relative---his father & my grandfather were first cousins) had collaborated on our family tree.  They were able to go back to France in the late 1500s on my paternal great-great grandmother's side & that we are descended from Nicolas Audet dit Lapointe, who was a Soldat du Roi (King's soldier).  They settled Quebec in the name of France.  Very cool stuff----think Mayflower Society but of Canada without the religious zealots.

About 15 years ago, I started to get involved in trying to get past my great great great grandfather, Antoine Gilbert.  Aunt Barbara & cousin Wendell could only go back to the early 1820s with him.  We know that he was born around 1823 & that he was most likely born in France (at least according to the Civil War records) but that's it.  My hope was that, with the help of the internet, I could find out more on him.  No luck.

So, fast forward to this past week---I decide I'll give this Ancestry thing a shot & see what I can find.  Of course, Antoine doesn't really come up.  His son George (my great great grandfather) does as does his son Philip. (my great grandfather).   In fact, old Phil's name comes up on a few family trees so I click on one.  It says that the tree is private but if I "ask nicely"---seriously.  Ancestry says to ask nicely.  The member might share with me.

The name that comes up?  My ex husband.

I hit "back" & selected the same option.   Same user name comes up.   Pardon my language, but what the h-e-double hockey sticks???

We don't have children together so really, my family tree shouldn't concern him.  While I don't wish him ill, I just don't see the need for us to talk or to be friends.

So, why does he have my great grandfather's name on a family tree????