Friday, May 31, 2013


The 2012-2013 school year is OVER!   Sunshine is officially a 4th grader!  Here she is on the first day of school back in August & today.  

Today was hectic but by noon it was over except for the clean up.  But, we did it---we shopped for food to feed +/- 100 kids, 5 teachers, various parents & siblings.  Our old grill has been donated to the PTO is finally out of our back yard!

I'm incredibly sweaty, nasty & stinky so tonight's going to be dinner in, a shower & sleep over with Sunshine.  Tomorrow we're back to busy with an AR celebration party with her old 1st Grade teacher.  Since I"m the AR Chairperson, she invites me to have lunch with her top readers.  This year we're going for sushi.  Then, tomorrow evening, we're going to a graduation party for Super Bookatarian's niece, who was my mentee this year for her Senior Project.   Much happiness & celebration all around!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I'm not going to lie---this weekend has been a little slice of heaven.

It's not that we went anywhere exciting or did anything out of the norm.  But, it's been exactly what I needed.

Friday, I spent the morning at school--I started off at 7:15 with the school store, picked up money from some 3rd & 4th grade teachers for various events, met with one of the 1st grade teachers regarding the EOY luncheon on Tuesday.  The teachers have graciously invited the PTA Executive Board because, as one teacher put it "you're one of us" 

While I was in the 1st grade teacher's classroom, a fire drill took place.   I can't deny it, I broke into Sweet Brown  quotes.  The little things amuse me. 

After running home for lunch & a quick change of clothes, I went for a facial (since I'm being so forthcoming, it was the Signature Diamond.  Another little slice of heaven) which left me feeling like jelly.  *sigh*  My skin looked & felt amazing as well!

But, the last 3 days?  So restful & fun.  On Saturday, the pool we join each year opened.  We met up with friends & stayed for a few hours.    I wound up with a mild burn as I forgot out sunscreen so we borrowed from my friend Kim.  

On Sunday, I was still too red to get into the sun so Sunshine &  Hunter had a Sunshine/Daddy date while I went to AL to my favorite multi-dealer antique store.  No deals were found but the time spent wandering the different shops was quiet.  And relaxing.

Today, we slept in & spent more time at the pool.   When the kids kept saying how hungry they were, we decided it was time to head home for a cook out.  We finally got home around 6:30, showered & are winding down.  Sunshine & I will have a Mommy/Sunshine sleep over in my room tonight.   

Tomorrow it's back to the grind with the luncheon, moving our old grill up to school for the 3rd grade cook out on Friday (and for the PTO to use down the road) & shopping for breakfast items for Wednesday's 5th Grade Breakfast.

Then there will be 2 more days until I turn off my alarm until August.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


You know that moment when you realize you're done?  When something is the straw that breaks the camel's back?

This camel's back is broken.

We know my checklist for May has been unreal and tomorrow is THE final major event for the year.  Today  I received a call in the morning from our PTA President who has been an incredible co-chair for the end of the year House Celebration.  Kim was in a major tizzy over the placement of the bouncy houses/water slides for tomorrow.  First of all, the guy was late in doing the walk through with us.  Not cool.  OCD girls don't appreciate late.

We wound up having to have the water wars (think major water balloon fight with devices to lob the balloons) on the other side of the school.  So now our stations are separated.  Again, OCD girls don't appreciate separation.  Ever.  Don't mess with the flow.

But hey, if he wants his stuff set up a certain way, fine.  We'll have to accept it.

I managed to talk Kim down before getting ready to pick up Sunshine from school to go to her dentist appointment (braces are looming in our future) & then go back to school for the final AR Celebrations (Treasure Chest & Million Words Club).

This is when my straw broke.

The devastation in Oklahoma, while heartbreaking, seemed removed from me here in GA.   Until I was watching this morning and heard a reporter say that a class of 24 third graders was still missing.

I have a 3rd grader.  There are 22 kids in her class.

Tears started.

I said a prayer for peace for their families & thanked God that Sunshine is safe.

As I was getting in my car at school with Sunshine in tow a phone call came with the news that a mutual friend had died.

Lisa was truly one of a kind.  She was a Texan through & through.  She was an amazingly talented artist.  She called people "hon" & loved Gone With The Wind possibly more than I do.  She was an 80s metal fan & had some of the best 80s hair back in the day.  Her red curls were her trademark.   She was my first "crazy cat lady" friend & her love of animals knew no bounds.

Now she's gone & it hurts.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Eleven days of school remain and I am happy to say that I've survived the worst part.   To recap what's happened at school so far:

BOGO Book fair has been closed out.  I'm proud to say we did about $1000 more in sales than last year.

SuperBookatarian's niece nailed her Boards Night.  For the record, she told everyone that "Miss Laurie isn't old!"  She was referring to the stereotype that only old ladies knit & followed that up with the now-famous line of how I am NOT old!

Yearbooks were distributed.  The office staff graciously offered to help sell them as parents were stopping by the office to inquire about them.  We've had several thousand dollars in sales so far.  YAY!

The David Catrow visit was a huge success---the kids loved him & he generously donated all of his drawings for us to raffle off at Fall Festival!  The owl drawing he did will be framed & hung in the main hallway of our school as it's our mascot.

The Book Festival was rained out but moved inside the library instead.  Sunshine didn't want to meet Jane O'Connor up close but was too cute during the fashion show.  I could tell how nervous she was but once she started walking she spun around, whipped off her wrap & threw it over her shoulder, and did a curtsy in front of J. O'C at the end.  She never fails to amaze me!

Faculty/Staff Appreciation Week went a little awry.  My one day's worth of responsibilities somehow turned into 5.  The Sweet Treat Giveaway was over in about 45 minutes & 3 of our great teachers won prizes (a $50 gas card, $75 to Lowe's & $100 to Walmart).  Tuesday's breakfast wasn't horrible but I have this thing about being at school at 7.  Still, the teachers loved the breakfast & we had so many donations of food that we rescheduled Thursday's events to Casual Day & a coffee break.  Publix donated so many cakes that we served them w/ coffee (from the new Keurig we bought for the lounge) & drinks.

Wednesday's luncheon (you know, that one day that was my responsibility?!) went well but not without bumps in the road.  Ones that weren't my fault.

We had been contacted by a  national sandwich company (no, not that one.  Or that one) who was interested in catering our Faculty/Staff Appreciation Week back in March.  Since I have a need to plan things months in advanced, I contacted them & started planning.  A couple weeks prior, their assistant manager & I exchanged several emails as well as phone calls to plan the day.  3 Veggie Delight box lunches, 35 Ham Classics & 42 Turkey Classics were ordered.  I was thrilled to find out that our drinks (3 gallons of sweet tea, 3 gallons of unsweetened tea & 2 gallons of lemonade) were included.  And they sent cups, napkins & ice.

I realize that ice isn't terribly important in the grand scheme of things but it saves me trips to the cafeteria to fill up our ice bucket.

So, lunch was supposed to be delivered by 10 last Wednesday as our first lunch shift starts at 10:15am.  When they hadn't shown up by 10:10 am, I made my first phone call.   Oh, we thought it was tomorrow.

I KNEW I should have called the day before to verify.  I KNEW IT!

I was told it would be about 20 minutes (for 80 sandwiches & delivery???) but it would be there.

I spent the next hour apologizing and taking notes on which teachers would need to have their lunches delivered to their rooms.

And I kept apologizing.   Inconvenience me, whatever.  Inconvenience teachers on their lunches?  Not.Cool.

After 45 minutes I called back because really, 20 minutes had come & gone.  "Megan" at this establishment made a very poor choice when she told me that "someone" had called the day before to reschedule.

Megan, all I have to say to you is this:  Liar, liar, pants on fire.

I corrected Megan on her bigfatlie & told her that no, "someone" didn't call as I was the person with their manager on this luncheon & I know that I didn't call to reschedule so clearly she was lying to me.

Lunch finally arrived an hour & a half late.  Everyone assured me it was fine. And it was delicious & how much they appreciated all that the PTA did for them.

Their delivery person forgot our receipt which I will need for my audit & also forgot to let their assistant manager know to fax one so I need to either email their asst. manager or go by their location to get one.  Know this Megan, I am coming for you.

Thursday wound up being Coffee Break where the teachers got their Keurig as well as an amazing assortment of cakes & pastries courtesy of Publix.

Friday was the "Big Finale" where we gave away a present to each faculty & staff member (approximately 75 people).   Prizes from restaurant gift cards to a Charbroil grill were given out.  We had 2 moms who secured all the donations & purchases.  I'm in awe of them as I hate asking for donations.  So not my thing.

Sunshine's drama production was on Saturday.  Her costume came together really well & her makeup came out great (kudos, Mom for your mad character makeup skills!) & most importantly, SHE rocked her part as Bloody Mary the pirate.  And yes, we enrolled her for another year of drama!

Mother's Day cards were mailed in time to arrive on Saturday only I mixed up the cards for my mom & Hunter's.  Their cards from Sunshine were fine as they are called different things (my mom is Memere & Hunter's is Grandma) & well, Sunshine wrote their names on the cards.  Hunter filled out his mom's card but didn't write on the envelope.  That's my story & I'm sticking to it.

My sweet family gave me a Sephora gift card as well as bringing me Starbuck's for breakfast, fixing me a nice dinner with dessert & sweet cards.  I love my little family so!

Last night was our big PTA meeting.   When you dissolve your PTA you have to do several things in order to appease the state PTA.  We had done everything we needed to do thus far & in the official letter notifying State of our intent, we asked that if they were going to attend the meeting, that they inform us prior to the meeting.

So, our PTA President was a little taken aback when she received a phone call from our District Deputy at 4pm letting her know that he was very sorry he wouldn't be able to attend as the local council was having their annual banquet that evening.  I've been to that banquet.  We didn't miss much.

Please don't think I'm down on the PTA, they do a lot of good for children across the country.  The problem I do have is they're not doing much for our school and the money we give to them in the way of dues would be better used by our school.

So while we knew the Deputy Director wouldn't be attending, the nagging doubt that someone from another county could be there representing him.  Luckily, no one showed.

At the meeting, we had several people who spoke up during the discussion phase supporting us & our decision to make the change.  A member of our School Council gave us his support as did one of our 5th grade teachers.

There was one person who spoke up in dissent.   She was succinct & to the point in her comment.

That person was my child!!

How many 9 year olds do you know who would raise their hand to participate in a discussion at a meeting in a room full of adults?

Seriously, only Sunshine!

She stated that she knew the PTA wanted to switch over to a PTO & frankly, she didn't like it.  Thankyouverymuch.

So today I find myself as the first President-elect of the newly formed SuperAwesomeSchool PTO, effective 1 August.  

We're about 80% done with our incorporation process.  We have an EIN number, we have someone working on our 501(c)(3) status, we've got preliminary paperwork from our bank for the new account and we have start up money set aside.  As soon as the 501(c)(3) paperwork has been filed with the Georgia Secretary of State we'll be good to go.

And then the fun begins for next year!

Eleven more days. . .