Thursday, January 26, 2012

I need a wife or maybe a cabana boy.

Seriously.  I know you're thinking "but Laurie, you're a SAHM---why do you need a wife?  And furthermore, you don't have a cabana---why the cabana boy?!" Believe me, I've said the same thing.

Last month, Hunter had his ankle surgery to repair damage that was done over his military career.  It's not good when the surgeon can't believe the size of a tendon.  Or was it the ligament?  Anyway.  And the bone spur.

So, like most men (sorry guys, you know it's true!), he's not the best of patients.  Add to the fact that he was a combat medic & has more than his fair share of medical knowledge, well yeah--not a good patient.  To the point where he felt well enough to not wear his boot, not use his crutches, etc.

Two weeks ago, he was up before I brought Sunshine to school & was planning on running some errands.  I'm still not sure if he tripped, stumbled, did whatever but there was a very strange, loud popping noise.  I thought he hit his foot/ankle on the sideboard but no.  It was this freakishly loud noise that came from inside his ankle.  I know, it's still icky to me too.

He went back to the doctor & they decided to put a cast on him to provide stability & protection to his ankle.  Which means crutches, and no driving.

Which brings us to today.  I'm used to doing stuff around the house---cooking, cleaning, etc.  I've done it as a temporary single mom thanks to numerous deployments/TDY/ etc.   Hunter & I will both tell you that I have massive control issues & even allowing him to do certain chores after he'd come home from being gone.   It's hard going from being the only one who can do things to having help.  What's really hard right now is having the help only the help isn't very helpful.  Which makes him feel really guilty.  And that's not fair.

So, I need a wife.  Or a cabana boy.  I need someone who doesn't mind getting up 17 times to be the one to let the dogs out, run empty glasses into the kitches, get a snack, get another drink, let the dogs back in, unload the dishwasher, carry the laundry to the laundry room.  Or this week's chore:  steam clean the carpets.   Seriously, I couldn't have done this prior to him having surgery?   What was I thinking?  Anyway, the hallway, Sunshine's room, & the dining room are done.  I'm trying to figure out when will be the best time of day to do the living room--maybe before she goes to bed so we're not walking on it too much & it can dry overnight.   I can't wait until we're able to put hardwood flooring in the dining & living rooms!

Book Fair is coming along nicely.  This week I got our website done (easy peasy thanks to Scholastic), got the letter home written---along with a handy send back in volunteer form (again thanks to Scholastic), got the letter copied (600 copies, more or less) & got the letters home stapled to the flyer (thanks to my friend Kim). I need to get the sign up sheets for the teachers up late next week & have a workshop next week (complete with lunch--thanks to Scholastic).  Sunshine is excited that there is a new Magic Tree House book coming out about Abraham Lincoln.  I'm so glad she's enjoying this series---Hunter & I enjoy them too!

So, back to the crutches/cast thing.  It's throwing a damper in our activities choices.  I was hoping to go up to Callaway to the Butterfly Center this weekend but it's got a stairs & tends to get crowded.  Not the best scenario for him.  He goes back to the doctor on Tuesday so hopefully he'll be upgraded (downgraded?) to the boot & no crutches.  Let's hope anyway!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Merry & Bright, Indeed!

Merry & Bright Accessories Set

When we took Sunshine to the AG store in Atlanta last month she picked out the Merry & Bright holiday dress for her doll.  While we agreed the Merry & Bright Accessories set was adorable--we're both suckers for snow globes, we agreed that I could make a nicer poncho for her doll.

Fast forward a couple weeks to yesterday when I went to Starbucks to knit in the morning.  I CO Kirsten's Poncho Pattern & with LionBrand's Wool Ease in White/multi & went to town.   I worked on it off & on throughout the day & finally finished while watching the Golden Globes.

Sunshine loves it & wants a matching one for herself which to me is the highest form of praise!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday, just Saturday.

Our first week back to school went well---getting up at 6/6:30 was difficult as we were used to getting up after 8 for 2 1/2 weeks but over all things were good.  Tuesday was our first day back & the kick off for AR Celebration Week.  I had 2 other moms helping me to blow up 137 balloons (at least I think that was the final tally) for the parade.  Luckily the school has a helium tank otherwise I would have needed more than 2 volunteers!  I may or may hot have forgotten to take the nozzle off the tank which could have been very.very.bad.  Thankfully, it wasn't!

Hunter has class on Tuesday evenings this semester so Sunshine & I will have Girls Night once a week.  This week she wanted to stay in & eat off our "fancy plates" in the dining room.  Not sure what we'll be doing this coming week as the following night is a Spirit Night at Chick Fil-A for school & while I don't mind eating out two nights in a row, we're trying to be a little more frugal.

Wednesday I spent the entire day at school for Treasure Box Day.  Every child gets a chance to come into the library & get a goody out of the box if they have taken at least 1 AR test during the semester.  It's funny to see some of the things kids choose.  Some are looking for really good things, others are happy with gum.  We had some books & posters in addition to the usual Oriental Trading tchotchke stuff so the 5th graders who got to come first were very excited.  We even had two teachers donate from their goody stash.  Which reminds me, I need to write thank yous to them.

Thursday was my favorite day of AR Celebration Week---Hair & Face Paint Day.  I admit to having zero artistic ability so face painting & I don't really get along, but I had two moms who are very artistically gifted who were able to really wow the kids with some of their designs.  I choose to spend my time outside with the hair paint.  Yes,  the weather can be really hot or really cold.  Yes, the aerosol fumes are killer at times.  Yes, the kids were saying how cold the hair paint was.  But holy cow, did we have fun.  Sunshine's hair was pink w/ gold sparkles.  Some kids chose 2 toned stripes, some chose full head of color.  It's great to walk the halls & see all these kids w/ crazy colored hair.

Friday was my easy day.  Which was good because we over slept (up at 7:15!) & then I conked back out for an hour after Sunshine went to school.  On time, thankyouverymuch.  I got to school around 11, made some copies for the PTA President, got those distributed & then grabbed lunch before the "Lunch & A Movie" day with the kids.  We watched Jack & The Beanstalk which was very cute.   Our Supreme Bookatarian tries to find movies that 1) will meet the G rating guidelines for viewing in school w/out a permission slip & 2) the kids haven't seen a hundred times.   I can honestly say this movie is definitely a must see.

We've had a nice Saturday today.  Sunshine went to Starbuck's with Hunter for breakfast while I did some laundry.  Then she & I went on a furniture mission for her AG doll.  After reading various doll forums, I've learned that doll furniture/accessories can be had at various crafting stores.  So, we headed to Hobby Lobby where we found a straw hat for her doll.  It needs a little decorating with some ribbon before it'll be ready to wear.  Sadly, no furniture.  We then went to Joann's where some forum members have said they've found things.  Nope.  No such luck.  Which is fine because I really don't like Joann's.  Their store used to house our AC Moore.  Which I loved.  When I started knitting again in '04, I bought my needles & yarn there for the hat I made for Sunshine.   I was seriously sad when they closed so Joann's could come in.  We then went to Michael's where we found some unfinished wooden trunks which I told Sunshine would be very cute to hold her AG doll's earrings or other accessories.  And that we could paint it or stain it.  Nope.  She wouldn't want that.  Sadly, they didn't have any unfinished chairs or anything either.  They did have a little wooden planter box with dividers that I've seen people have painted & used to replicate this.  Granted, it wouldn't have the doll holder section in the back but that's fine.  It's $10 vs. $85.   What did my child do?  Tries to barter with me.  "Mommy, if you buy me this little bouquet, I'll let you buy the shelves."   There are certain things that I will barter with her on, but not this.  We left without the planter, but I'll buy it this week & fix it up for her birthday.

We had lunch at the always yummy Johnny's pizza, hit up our Goodwill store (again, people are finding AG stuff here) but apparently our store doesn't have that much good will.  Get it?  Hee!

While we were at lunch we talked about the need to hoe out some of Sunshine's toys.  She's an only child who has a.lot. of toys.  She's a kid---she's not at an age where getting clothes will excite her.  She's also the only granddaughter on my side & Hunter's mom's only granddaughter as well.  She's spoiled.  There, I said it.

So we agreed that we'd pitch stuff that was broken (a Barbie bicycle comes to mind), missing parts or just not really usable anymore.  Any toys that she wasn't playing with that much anymore could either go up into the attic for safe keeping.   I'm really proud of her for agreeing to pitch stuff & stuff to go up into the attic.  Her room & play area in the nook in the kitchen look much better.

Tonight has been all about football, specifically the Pats game.  Obviously, being a New England girl, I'm a New England sports fan, except the Bruins.  I'm a Montreal fan.  Dad was too.  So far the game's been great but I'm cautious.  35-7 is a nice lead but again---cautious!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

One trend I wish would go away

I've been on FB for a few years now.  I've learned to watch what I say because you never know who's reading what you type.  I've learned to watch what you post in pictures because there are pervs out there who prey on kids after looking at them on FB profiles.  I'v learned that there are people who use FB as a mouthpiece to brag about their (seemingly) perfect lives, children, etc.  I've learned that there are people who use FB as a mouthpiece to bemoan all that is wrong with their lives.  I've also learned that there are people who use FB as their political/religious/cause du jour soapbox.

I'm a firm believer that your status is your business & if people don't like it, well, sorry but it's YOUR status.

I've blocked people whose statuses are continually annoying---excessive hatred of this political candidate or that candidate.  People who do nothing but spew hatred toward others.  People who cannot accept that while life may be hard, there ARE days that are good.  That there IS a silver lining.

I recently had an extended family member inadvertently attack my religious beliefs.  At least, I hope this status wasn't directed at me personally.  Honestly, I don't think it was.  They declared the Catholic church to be full of lies and implied that those who believed those "lies" were to apologize to Jesus & they would be forgiven.

I admit that I am not a practicing Catholic.  In fact, I am a divorced Catholic remarried to a sort of Baptist.   I'm torn about confronting this person because I won't want to make a big stink about something they posted on their own status page.  But I really want to let them know that I find their words offensive. Personally offensive.   If I were Jewish would it be okay to tell me that I was "wrong" (insert choice of vocabulary here) for not believing that Christ is the son of God?  And should we choose to raise Sunshine in the Catholic faith, will I have to sit in judgement of this person's views?  Will they tell Sunshine that SHE'S wrong in what she believes?  I really hope not as I really would like to avoid confrontation with this person at all costs.  And I really don't want them out of our lives for something so ridiculous as their inability (assumed inability) to control themselves when it comes to my faith.

With the election season upon us, I'm sure that I'll be ignoring more status updates.  I just hope there are fewer attacks on what I've been taught to believe.  It makes going to people's homes to visit very uncomfortable.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A week in pictures

 1 January---yarn, thank yous & a messy dining room table.  2 January---Christmas dishes clean & ready to be packed away.  3 January---an Iris blooms in our front yard despite 30 degree weather.  4 January---the 10th anniversary of our first date.  We went to the very same restaurant.  5 January---Christmas decorations packed up & in the garage waiting to go up into the attic.  6 January---Proof you CAN fight city hall.  Emails to the right people meant the path behind Sunshine's school has been repaired!  7  January---first FO of the year.  A "Side by Side" dishcloth.

There's one more day of Christmas Break & then it's back to the grind.  I don't know how my family is going to get used to waking up before 9am again!  Especially me!  In addition to going back to school on Tuesday, we have AR Celebration Week.  I picked up 400 balloons the other day & now need help blowing them up on Tuesday for the kick off parade.  Luckily I won't have to do all 400 but probably 100.  There's a helium machine/device/whathaveyou at school but still, I'll need help tying them & holding them down in the work room.  

Sunshine is at Monkey Joes with Hunter this afternoon & I'm contemplating a trip to the salon for a pedicure. Lord knows I need one but I'm feeling very lazy.  I've also been spending time on various sites looking at ideas for Sunshine's bday in April.  She indicated that she wants to go back to the AG store which I think would be a blast.  Ideally Grandma would be coming with us.  In the event that she can't come down here, I'm thinking about going up a couple weeks early to their Memories with Mom event & staying overnight.  Several of the hotels do an AG package with snacks, treats & a little doll bed that you can take home.  How cute would that be?? 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Thank you notes, 665 yds of alpaca to be wound together & one messy dining room table!

The first day of the year is cool---even if you have nothing major planned.  The day is full of infinite possibility, regardless of what you're doing.  I know my day has been so far.

We had our traditional late dinner last night--something we started the first year we were married.  I have no desire to go out on New Year's Eve & pay elevated menu prices, elevated admissions, drunks on the road, baby sitter prices, etc.  Ugh.  No thank you!  So every year we have snack around dinner time & start cooking around 9:30 or so.  Last night we had some sausage puffs & then Hunter started our steak shortly before 10.  So yummy.  A champagne toast at midnight, me opening the door at midnight to usher 2011 out & then we were off to bed.

Today's been nothing short of wonderful.  Nothing terribly exciting, but just a great day.  I dropped Tinkerbell off at the groomer, ran to Target for a few things then off to meet Kristine to knit.  I really didn't get any knitting done as I was mid-wind on the 665 yds of prime alpaca that I picked up at yarnhouse studios yesterday.  I proceeded to unravel the poncho that I was working on for Sunshine to match her AG doll's.  New year, new beginnings.

I got home in time for lunch & was disappointed to see that the Patriots game wasn't televised.  So, I pulled up the app on my phone for updates, pulled up Sports Illustrated's page for more updates, was texting w/ JC (if I still lived in Boston, I'd be hanging w/ Julie all.the.time!) who was also giving me updates.  Since I wasn't visually tied to the game I started organizing my knitting supplies.  My official New Year's Resolution is to give up guilt---feeling guilty about saying no to things.  While I was with Kristine today, I decided that my knitting goals would be to have no UFO's (hear that Cascade Fixation footies???  And that box stitch baby blanket??? Circa 2008.  I'm looking at you!) this year.  I'm going to finish the socks & have accepted that one of two things will happen to the blanket.  Obviously.  Well, 3 things could happen--1) leave it be.  2)  Finish it or. . .3) frog it.  I've decided that if I finish it, great.  If I frog it (it's maybe 4".  Maybe), that's fine too.  The baby in question is now 3 years old.  I don't know anyone else having a baby & unless I donate it (see how I play upon my own guilt?  Donate it---that's the right thing to do!) there's really no need to finish it.  We'll see what it's final fate will be.

So, I went room to room, putting away needles, going through my stash & prioritizing projects.   First on the list is the Yahoo Monthly Dishcloth KAL.  I've been doing these KALs off & on for almost 7 years.  I enjoy them.  It's a few rows a day & they're done twice a month.   The upshot of dishcloths is they're quick &  practical.  And I almost never get bored with them.  And, I have a huge rubbermaid container filled with cotton yarn.  No I haven't counted how many balls.  Do you think I really have the time to do that?!

Second is to finish my Cascade Fixation socks.  They're anklets so it shouldn't take too long.  And the pattern is easy so I can bring them with me to knitting on Mondays & still be able to talk w/out worrying about messing things up.

Next is my Columns of Leaves Scarf with the aforementioned 665 yds of alpaca.

After that we'll see what happens knitwise!

Happy New Year!!!