Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Better Late Than Never

Happy 2016!  We spent Christmas in Vermont this year and despite record high temperatures the first few days we were there, we managed to get some snow right before we left.  Phew!

We went to Boston for the day before Christmas to have lunch with Hunter's aunt and uncle.  We also managed to catch up with my old stylist for a bit before heading back to the T to get our car and drive back to VT.  I would have preferred to spend the night but didn't want to saddle my mom with Smitty & Tinkerbell for a whole day!   Sunshine and I enjoyed a classic photo op outside of the TD Garden (where the Bruins play).   I met Bobby Orr once when I lived in Boston.  He signed an autograph, chatted for a moment and I went on my merry way to a Lancome training day at the Four Seasons Hotel.  I kid you not when I say his fingers are the size of sausages.

Sunshine and I also had a blast trying on my old dance costumes.  I'm proud to say that I can still fit into most of the ones I wore in high school and college!  

 A trip home wouldn't be complete without lunch with my oldest friend, Heather.  Day drinking ensued.  Again, because a trip home wouldn't be complete without it!

The cold never bothered us!

I was happy that after buying new ski pants and snow boots we got enough snow for Sunshine to play in.  She spent just about the entire day outdoors playing.  As I was packing at 630 that night she asked if she could go back outside.  A promise to stay in the backyard (with the light on) later, she was outside for another hour before dinner.  My mom laughed and told Hunter that as a kid, I would have done the same thing.  The minute the first flakes were spotted I was suiting up and getting out there until I had to be told to come back inside.  Apple/tree.

We've spent the first month of 2016 purging things----dvd's, clothes that no longer fit (mine are too big!), kitchen items, shoes, etc.  I need to get Hunter to go through his closet and get rid of the clothes he never wears.  I need to run 4 bags of stuff to GoodWill today before picking Sunshine up at school.