Sunday, February 28, 2010

The end of little kid-dom

Sunshine lost her first tooth. I knew it was coming (see my post in Oct where the Tooth Fairy sent her a little box in which to place her tooth), had ample time to prepare, but it was such a bittersweet moment when it actually happened.

After sorting through Hunter's Army stuff (5 trunks & various bags in the attic) for 2 1/2 hours yesterday, we decided to go out to dinner at our friend's restaurant. By this time, Sunshine's tooth was horizontal. Obviously today would be the day. So there we were, sitting in our booth when she gave it a twist & a little tug & it came out. I fought back tears. Both sets of grandparents were called & notified. I fought back tears. Our dinner came & our friend (the owner's wife), came over to bring Sunshine into the kitchen to make her ice cream sundae (it's a tradition w/ the two of them). When we got home Sunshine put her tooth into her little Cinderella box & vowed she would surprise the Tooth Fairy when she showed up.

Of course, she didn't. The Tooth Fairy left $5 (c'mon---1st tooth!) & a Tinker Bell doll. This morning she was pleasantly surprised to discover both of them. Now she's busy wiggling her other 2 loose teeth.

I'm still fighting back tears.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A truly wonderful day

It snowed in Dixie! Last year we got about 4" on 1 March. Yesterday we got about 3". Sunshine & I spent about 90 minutes playing outside in the morning, came in to let our clothes dry & to have lunch. We went out in the afternoon for 2 more hours & made more snow angels, a snowman family (complete with Daddy, Mommy, Sunshine & Libby). A fire in the fireplace added to the mood.

We also attempted some sugar on snow, but no one would eat it but me. I'm sure I'll be kicked out of the Native Vermonter club for this, but sugar on snow isn't my favorite treat.

We went out early for Valentine's Day to our friend's restaurant. Super yummy (as always) & the roads weren't bad at all.

When we got home I wound my Cascade 220 Heathers for my Ravelolympics project (Mara) & CO as the Andorran athletes walked into the stadium. I found a WIP event so I may use my felted bag project as an entry for that. The Mara is a great pattern---easy to memorize & I'm enjoying the Cascade 220.

Today is laundry & more snow play!!

**I have to edit to say that on Saturday 2/13, our neighbor from up around the corner called to let us know how much she & her husband liked Sunshine's snowmen! How sweet was that?!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Now caffeine free!

Seriously. I gave up caffeine. I was never one of those 6 cups of coffee a day people, nor was I one of those "don't talk to me until I've had caffeine" people, but I was one of those people who needed caffeine in some form to stave off the headaches.

I used to start off my day with breakfast & a nice cold Diet Coke. If I went out to lunch or dinner, I'd have a soda. If it was a nice restaurant, I'd have coffee after my meal. Years ago ('92? '91?) I tried to give up caffeine with no success. By 2pm the headaches would kick in & I would be miserable.

So, fast forward to January when all of us were sick with a tummy bug. I didn't drink any Diet Coke for a couple days when I was sick. When I finally did, it didn't taste "right" to me. One morning, I overslept & had to rush to get Sunshine to school. It was around 130 when I realized I hadn't had any caffeine. I'd been drinking my usual ice water w/ a splash of lemon all day. Hmmmm. No caffeine + lots of water=no headaches? I was onto something! The rest of the week I drank my ice water with a splash & guess what? I survived! I told myself that if I made it until Feb. 1st, I could have a "treat" of a diet coke. On Feb 2nd we had a play date at McDonald's for early release day from school. I also hadn't had any fast food all month. My cheeseburger was good, fries were eh, & the Diet Coke was eh as well. I think my next treat will be Starbucks. I wonder if they can do a caffeine free iced caramel macchiato?

On the knitting front, I'm still plugging along on my Small Shawl. I'm amazed by people's reactions to it. It's a very simple pattern but everyone loves it. Maybe it's the yarn? Fiesta Rayon Boucle in "Alaska" Lots of blue, purple & greens. Pretty.

Sunshine has Winter Break next week (11th-15th) & will have her Valentine's Party on the 10th. I need to get my needles flying on some washcloths for her teacher & aide. I'm going to pair them up with a shower gel & body lotion.

Hope those of you getting snow are staying warm & enjoying it! We're getting nothing but rain, rain, rain. Feel free to box up a foot or two & ship it down here!