Wednesday, August 24, 2016

God, I Hope I Get It. . .

Sunshine is walking.  Sans boot.  She is only allowed to wear sneakers or super supportive shoes (my rule.  Shush, her surgeon didn't contradict me).  She's not allowed to carry more than 10 lbs which makes avoiding her locker at school difficult (Shush, her surgeon's rule).  But, she's walking.  I hadn't seen my baby walk without crutches or a boot since June 2nd.  June 2nd 'til August 16th is a long time.

So, while she's walking she's not allowed to run or leap/jump. No cartwheels, round offs, walk overs or anything.  Again, her surgeon's rules.  She's allowed some participation at dance but it's limited to barre work mostly.  She's happy to be dancing again.

This Saturday the conservatory is holding auditions for The Nutcracker.  Every Level 4 & Level 5 girl is losing her mind over being able to audition for Clara.  In their eyes it's the only role that matters but I think very few of them realize the workload involved.   Sunshine didn't appreciate my telling her that someone who had surgery in June isn't prepared to be Clara.

Something to tell her therapist when she's 30.  The list so far:  my mother took a picture of me when I was 1 and got stuck in the dog's crate before helping me out,  and my mother told me not to audition for Clara when I was 12.

I managed to regain some of my standing by suggesting she audition for a Toy Soldier as it's still an important role, everyone knows/recognizes the music, and would be an easier role for her with her current situation.

I then played my trump card which was to suggest she speak to one of her instructors who just so happens to have had suffered a 5th metatarsal fracture some years ago (a Dancer's Fracture which didn't require surgery but still---she gets it.).  She suggested Sunshine audition for both, be prepared to not get one, to try her best, and learn the audition process.  

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.