Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Enough With The Knees

If we can go back to this past spring when Sunshine was a 5th grader at SuperAwesomeSchool. . .

The 5th graders participate in a very competitive kick ball tournament, complete with trophy and of course, bragging rights.

Really, the bragging rights are the biggest prize for the teachers.

So in early April Sunshine was practicing kickball during recess one day and somehow managed to twist her ankle.  She wound up spraining it and was told to get rest, meds, etc.  A couple weeks later her knee became swollen and the ER doctor seemed to feel that it had been injured at the time of the ankle sprain but somehow the pain went unnoticed.  Whatever.

We kept up with motrin to help with the swelling & fluid on the knee.  She wore a brace for the tournament (which they lost.) but still tried her best.

So, fast forward to late September.  She was pushed down during PE and skinned her shin.  No major damage, no need for an ER visit.  Until about three weeks ago when the same knee became inflamed and swollen again.  Her current doctor is very nice and had the knee x-rayed as it hadn't been back in the spring.  X-rays showed nothing but there could be soft tissue damage.  Over the weekend a spot grew on her knee that was red and warm to the touch.  And she spiked a fever.  So, it was back to the doctor that Monday.  After blood work and an examination,the diagnosis was Cellulitis, we left with more meds, a note for no PE or dancing for a few days and yes, wear the brace as there was some fluid on the knee.

Can the kid catch a break?

Last weekend she felt great---went to Pilates & Nutcracker Rehearsal and then to Saturday's class and rehearsal.  No pain & everything was fine.

Saturday night we had  plans with two sets of friends for Halloween.  One friend wouldn't be heading out to Trick or Treat until 7 as her middle daughter had a soccer game.  So, we went to another friend's house and were set to go to a couple houses with them before our 2nd stop of the evening.

Sunshine, her friend K, and two other kids went up to a house and were completely scared by a man in a mask that I've been told rivaled Twisty from American Horror Story (complete with missing jaw).  The kids were so freaked that they all tried to run away.  Sunshine tried to climb over a brick retaining wall on his walkway when she fell and cut her knee.  Bad.  Like the bleeding wouldn't stop and was running down her leg.

I called Hunter to come get us so we could bring our crying, hurt girl home.  We realized how deep the cut was and that we'd be ER bound.

My child doesn't do well with needles but was okay once her knee was numb.  I know I have decent upper body strength as I managed to hold her down while they applied the lidocaine.

So, 6 stitches later, we are again on orders of no PE or dancing for 7 days, so no ballet Monday or today.  She'll possibly go to stretch class on Friday but will definitely go to rehearsal on Saturday.  We've reached the point in the game where any missed rehearsals will result in dismissal from the show.  She's worked too hard through all this to not be in the show!

I've found myself googling the Patron Saint of  knees and have been saying prayers to St. Theresa of Avila in hopes that this kid's poor knee gets a break!!