Thursday, June 27, 2013

The One About Travelling With Sunshine

If you've ever met my child then you know that once she makes up her mind, there is no changing it.  I'm not sure where she gets that.  

This past week, we ventured to points North to take advantage of some family time----Hunter's dad's side of the family had their annual family reunion & my aunt and  uncle were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  Of course, they fell on the same day so while we were able to attend both, we weren't together for a good bit of the week.

Sunshine learned about Abraham Lincoln in 1st grade & has been obsessed with him ever since.  We had been trying to figure out when we could get a trip to DC into one of our trips to see family.  Since she and I were driving to Baltimore, we decided to stop outside DC, park the car and take the Metro into DC.

As we were heading into DC, she told me all she wanted to see was the Lincoln Memorial & science.  Specifically the Air and Space Museum.  We got off the Metro @ the Smithsonian stop and started the trek to the Lincoln Memorial.  We're used to hot, humid weather since we live in Georgia, but UGH!  Touristy stuff in this weather?  Just no fun!  

As we were walking, she'd protest that she just didn't want to see the Washington Monument.  Guess what, Sunshine?  Can't really avoid it.  Well, not without closing your eyes and tripping on the National Mall.  While the World War II Memorial held no charm for her, she did stop to take a pic at one of the trees as well as at the John Paul Jones statue.   

We made it up the steps at the Lincoln Mem. , got the picture and that was it.  Didn't want to stop to see the Vietnam Wall, again nixed the WWII memorial.  She did stop to comment that it would be fun to tour the White House. . . next time.
When we got back up to the Smithsonian area, we were sweaty, irritable and ready for air conditioning.  I convinced her that while the Air & Space Museum was really cool, that she'd love the Museum of Natural History.   

And she did.  A lot.  However, after about an hour, she was done.  DONE.  We hadn't even seen the Hope Diamond (I have before) when she asked if we could get back on the Metro  and head up to Baltimore to our hotel.

If your idea of a good time in a museum is to take your time and see every exhibit, don't travel with my child.  
Savage Mill Antiques Mall   Savage, MD
And of course, no trip is complete without a trip to the American Girl store!  The Tyson's Corner store is 2 stories and larger than the Atlanta store.  Sunshine had been saving her money toward this year's Girl of The Year (Saige) and we had an agreement that when she hit a certain dollar amount, that I would match it and  she could get Saige.  While we were at the anniversary party, my Mom gave her $20 toward her doll.  My cousin, Billy asked how close she was to meeting her goal.  We told him she was $10 shy and next thing we knew, he handed her $10 and told her to enjoy her doll.  
Sunshine with her dolls Elizabeth & Saige in Saige's hot air balloon

As much as we are happy to be home, we feel bad that we didn't spend nearly enough time with Hunter's parents but are hoping that a trip around the holidays will happen.  Actually, we're conspiring with his aunt to get his family down to GA for Christmas.   We'll see!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

All Shopped Out

Is it possible to be all shopped out?

I've mentioned one of my favorite antique/thrift stores before and the beautiful pieces we've found there.  Frequently, we'll receive flyers from local furniture stores and I'll imagine this piece or that piece in our house.   The truth of the matter is, we're all shopped out when it comes to furniture.

There are a couple things I'd like:  one more chair for the dining room,  a nightstand for Sunshine's room to replace the little shelves next to her bed, a different end table in the living room, but really?  Shopped out.

Our bedroom suite is a few years old and honestly, I don't see us replacing it anytime in the next 20 years or so.  I love it as much now as I did the day it was delivered.  It's been replaced by Basset already and looks nothing like their current Louis Philippe line, but that's okay---we love it.

We redid the living room (new sofa, love seat, coffee and end tables) a year after we moved and again---love it.   After several years of whining about wanting a chocolate brown leather sofa, I got it.

Our guest room fell together nicely with our old bed, an end table and small rocker from Hunter's grandparents & Hunter's old dresser.   Same thing with our dining room--our table & chairs magically coordinated with Hunter's grandparents' china cabinet.  And our sideboard came from Gina's here in town.  The artwork we had inherited, most likely because no one else wanted it, works in that room.

Which leads me to this past weekend. . .

We were in Atlanta while Sunshine went to a hair styling class at AG.  Hunter's aunt graciously put us up for the night & as always, a wonderful time was had at her home.  From the first time I met her, she was incredibly welcoming & kind.   I would go spend time with her during various deployments w/ Libby & then with Libby & Sunshine.

Anyway, we were shopping yesterday & I was able to find a new outfit for my aunt & uncle's 50th Wedding Anniversary party later this month.  After purchasing the outfit (along with a top & 2 pairs of shorts), I found myself shopped out.

I went into several other stores but just wasn't able to commit to anything.  My usuals:  Coach, Kate Spade, Le Creuset, etc---no money was spent!  

Strange thing, being shopped out!