Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lucky Number 7!

Sunshine's auditions went well.  Every girl who could possibly audition for Clara did and while Sunshine didn't get that part (her friend did), she congratulated AC and was excited to discover that she would be a Toy Soldier in the party scene.   She'll be a Battle Soldier and Russian with her classmates.

And, she and I will share the stage as I'm a "party mom" in the party scene!  I'm excited and nervous.  I haven't performed in a little over 20 years but am hoping my old experience kicks in.  We started rehearsals this past weekend and I have a stage husband as well as 5 kids.  The first dance we learned was easy.

My only concern is that I am FRONT AND CENTER for this dance!  YIKES!

Costume fittings will start this weekend--not sure when mine is but I'm hoping for the dark green or dark blue dress.  There is a peach dress but I don't look good in peach.

Sunshine's rehearsals went well and the schedule is great---she has an hour break after class on Saturday and then has back to back rehearsals as well as one on Friday night.  We had dinner after the Friday night one and enjoyed our time together.  Maybe it'll be our Mom/Sunshine night until the schedule changes and things get busier.

So, Nutcracker 2016 is upon us.  We're going to be busy but we're grateful that it's even happening.  In June it seemed so far away and whether it would be a thing wasn't known to us.  Sunshine has her 3 month post-op appointment with the surgeon on Friday.  We're optimistic.